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Window Treatment Options for Pet Households: Shutters and Vertical Blinds

pet household window treatment options

Few things bring joy to a household more than a well-behaved and loveable pet. That joy can be put to the test, however, when you find out that your window treatments aren’t standing up to their natural curiosity about the outdoors. Cats are drawn to windows to see what’s going on and wistfully watch birds fly around that they’d like to have for lunch. Dogs are drawn to windows as part of their duty to protect their family and to watch for their return at the end of the day.

Some window treatment options are better than others for pet households. For example, vertical blinds aren’t the climbing temptation for cats that horizontal ones pose. You can also leave them open a few inches so Fido can nose his way in and see what’s going on. An added bonus is that vertical blinds are easier to keep clear of pet hair.

Another great option for pet households is shutters, especially a high-quality wood shutter that you can close when away so your pets don’t see what’s going on outside, making them less likely to attempt gymnastics at the window. While cats might still try to climb shutters on occasion, the stronger material handles this activity better than a horizontal blind would.

If you have pets in your household and would like advice about window treatments, such as horizontal blinds and shutters, don’t hesitate to contact us at Blind & Shutters Depot. We are happy to take our time going over the options so that you can invest in beautiful window coverings that will give you years of enjoyment.

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