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When Should You Replace Window Treatments?

window treatments replacement

For the most part, people do not change their window treatments very often. Even when doing a room décor change, it is often everything else that gets changed except the window coverings. However, there are situations when you should consider replacing your window treatments regardless of how long you’ve had them.

  1. Appearance – Even high-quality window treatments will begin to show their age eventually. Materials fade from the sun, become discolored, or otherwise look less than appealing. If you don’t like how one or more of your window treatments looks, it is time to talk to a professional about making a change.
  2. Function – Do your window treatments do what they are meant to do? For example, do you have blinds that you cannot raise and lower anymore because the mechanism has worn out or the strings have broken? Are the slates warped or bent so they no longer provide the privacy and light filtering they once did? Another thing to consider is that today’s window treatments can offer functions that weren’t available when you had your current ones installed. It might be worth it to you to replace them to gain UV protection, motorized functioning, and other benefits.
  3. Safety – A new baby in the household can have you wondering if your current window treatments are child proof. If they aren’t, it is time for a change . . . pronto! If in doubt, call in a professional to assess the safety of your current window coverings and make recommendations for ones that are safe for children.

If you would like information about window treatments that will add beauty, functionality, and safety to your home, give us a call at Blind & Shutters Depot. We offer quality products for our customers in the Charlotte, North Carolina area that come at ridiculously low prices. We belong to the world’s largest window covering buying group, which enables us to have knowledgeable consultants who care about giving you the best possible service. Contact us today to learn more.

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