Window Film, Charlotte, NC

Tired of paying so much to cool your home or business in the summer? Learn more about our window film services.

Window film is a relatively new product, but it has quickly gained popularity because it provides many benefits for a relatively low cost. Here at Blind & Shutters Depot, we have added window film installation to our list of professional services for homes and businesses in Charlotte, North Carolina because our mission is to bring you great products at low prices.

Window Film in Charlotte, North Carolina

Here are some things to know about window film:

  • Energy savings: By keeping heat out of your property, window film can save you money if you live in the right climate.
  • Many options available: Window film is now available as an optically neutral product that looks clear and allows most of the light to travel through the window while blocking UV rays and heat. There are also colored and patterned options available.
  • Simple installation: Some types of window film are easy to install and remove. Others require professional installation and are hard to remove. We can help you decide what window film product is right for you.
  • Low cost investment: This lightweight material is much cheaper to install than changing out your windows. A word of caution though – some window film products can void the manufacturer’s warranty on your windows.

The type of window film that is best for your unique needs and local climate will vary. That’s why it’s best to trust a professional installer like us here at Blind & Shutters Depot. If you still have questions about window film or want to schedule a consultation, give us a call today.