Honeycomb Shades, Charlotte, NC

At Blind & Shutters Depot, we carry a wide selection of honeycomb shades.

When you’re shopping for window coverings, you have plenty of options available. Honeycomb shades are growing in popularity, showcasing a textured appearance with a simple style. These types of shades are also referred to as cellular shades and come with a number of benefits. They’re excellent for blocking light, which is helpful on sunny days when you want to keep the harsh rays out of your home. Although natural light is appealing, too much sunshine coming through uncovered windows can increase the temperature in your house and require your cooling system to work overtime to maintain comfort.

Honeycomb Shades in Charlotte, NC

Honeycomb shades also provide superior insulation, creating a barrier against the changing climate conditions outside. These shades can help keep your energy bills under control while reducing some of the noise that can come in from the outdoors. If you have young children in your home and you’re worried about safety around cords, opt for a cordless style to eliminate this concern completely. You can also maintain the privacy in your home by keeping the shades down or selecting a top-down style to let some light in while keeping out prying eyes.

At Blind & Shutters Depot, we carry a wide selection of honeycomb shades. We have been providing honeycomb shades and other window covering options to customers in the Charlotte, North Carolina area since we opened our doors in 2005. Visit our location to browse the options and pick out shades that will complement the style of your home while adding the privacy and light-blocking properties that you need.