Cellular Shades, Charlotte, NC

Simple, Beautiful Window Shades for Your Home

Cellular Shades in Charlotte, NC
There are several different types of window coverings that you can choose for your home in Charlotte, North Carolina. These include drapes, blinds and window shades. When you are looking for a crisp, modern style, cellular shades are a great option for a functional blind with a simple look.

About Window Shades

Shades are a fabric-based window covering that provides a cross between window drapes and window blinds. The installation of window shades is similar to blinds in that they align with the window and are attached inside the window frame. Unlike blinds, they are made with fabric.

Shades are designed to “shade” a room by controlling how much light enters. It is a nice way to manage intermediate amounts of light. While blinds completely block out light when closed, shades can provide a more nuanced lighting situation in your home.

Benefits of Cellular Shades

Cellular shades help provide temperature control in your home in Charlotte keeping it cool throughout the summer months. The light filtering that these shades provide help maintain your home temperature and decrease energy costs.

Cellular shades also offer a modern look with crisp, pleated folds and straight lines. They are a simple and quiet option that add elegance to windows in any Charlotte home.

Each type of window shade provides the benefit of light control and a modern simplicity. This makes window shades a great window covering option for any home. Contact us to learn more about window shade options that will benefit your home and lifestyle!