Woven Wood Blinds, Charlotte, NC

Natural materials add a natural beauty to your windows.

At Blind & Shutters Depot, we offer a great selection of woven wood blinds. These are window coverings made from natural materials such as bamboo, reeds, or jute grass. Sometimes known as matchstick blinds or bamboo blinds, woven wood blinds are created by weaving thin sticks of grass or bamboo together to create a finished product. The individual blind slats are so thin that they roll up when raised instead of lifting in a stack like other blinds. Here are some more advantages of woven wood blinds:

Woven Wood Blinds in Charlotte, North Carolina

  • All-Natural Materials- Woven wood blinds are made with the highest-quality material that nature has to offer.  The plants used are hand-selected to ensure they meet the standards to be used in window coverings. The materials woven together to create these blinds include bamboo, jute, flax, reeds, or other grasses.
  • Fully Customizable- Customize your window coverings to match your needs. Choose your color, control type (cordless or motorized lift options are available), decorative options (valance, edging, etc.) and more.  You can also add a privacy liner or a blackout liner, depending on your preference.
  • Eco-Friendly – All of the plants used are responsibly sourced, renewable resources.  If you are looking for an option for window coverings that will be good for you AND for the environment, woven wood blinds are a great choice.

Many homeowners choose woven wood blinds because of the earthy texture and warmth they bring to their home’s interior. If you choose these blinds, your window coverings will definitely be unique, as each plant in nature is unique. The distinctive nature of the materials woven together creates small irregular openings that allow sunlight to filter through, providing a relaxing ambiance. Create an organic atmosphere with a natural Zen by ordering customized woven wood blinds for your Charlotte, North Carolina home.